Cork community warden closure

Community Wardens have played done Trojan work says Tynan

Workers Party Councillor Ted Tynan has said that the ending of the Community Warden Scheme in Cork City next September will have major adverse effect in disadvantaged areas in the city and will put vulnerable people at risk, particularly the elderly.

Cllr. Tynan said that the five wardens, employed under the RAPID scheme, will be left go when their contracts run out next September and will create a void in an important service for communities in the city. 

“The Community Warden Scheme has been an outstanding success since it began some years ago and has played an important role in the areas covered, three of them on the Northside of the city and two on the Southside. The community wardens carry out a variety of roles including keeping an eye on elderly people, guarding against illegal dumping and active engagement with young people and communities.  During last winter’s freeze-up the wardens did Trojan work providing water for people and looking in on elderly and vulnerable people”, said Cllr. Tynan.

“This is a cut too far.  Central funding for the scheme has dried up and Cork City Council, which has already had its own budget cut, has chosen to let the wardens go.  Their priorities are all wrong as is clear from the recent decision to spend €400,000 on the so-called sky garden.  That money could keep the community wardens in place and properly fund their service.  This decision is another sign that working class communities are being thrown to the wolves so satisfy bankers and the EU/IMF”.

Cllr. Tynan said that he and a number of other councillors would be demanding the suspension of standing orders at next Monday night’s city council meeting to have the issue discussed.


Issued 22nd June 2011

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