Waterford needs direct job creation

Government must create jobs itself, not just depend on multinationals

Cllr. Davy Walsh
Cllr. Davy Walsh

The Workers Party have said that the closure of the Talk-Talk call centre in Waterford,  with the loss of 575 jobs to the city and environs, is a devastating blow to the region and that no amount of public relations footwork from government ministers will hide that fact.

Local Workers Party Councillor Davy Walsh said that people were running out of words to describe the succession of job losses in Waterford over the past three or four years.   He said that once again the city and its hinterland is in shock over the loss of a massive number of jobs with a huge knock-on effect to the local economy

Cllr. Walsh said that the current government is merely continuing the same failed job strategies as its predecessor.  “Unless the government accepts that it has a responsibility to directly create jobs nothing will change.  We need jobs that are rooted in the local area and that will not just disappear half way across the world when the economic winds blow out.  We also need the educational backbone in the form of a university for the South East which has been promised but not delivered by successive parties in opposition”, he said.

“Once again”, said Cllr. Walsh, “we have a government minister, in this case Mr. Bruton, coming to fix the stable door after the horse has bolted.  Unless Minister Bruton comes with a real agenda for direct job creation his visit will be a wasted one”.

Issued Wednesday 7th September 2011

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