Tribute to the late Dr. Sean Keane, Milwaukee

Death of Dr. Sean Keane, Milwaukee, USA

News has just reached us of the sudden death of Dr. Sean Keane, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and formerly of Youghal, Co. Cork.  Over many years Sean Keane welcomed countless members of the Workers’ Party to his home and was always most generous and ever willing to do all he could to assist the party.


An accomplished surgeon, Sean played a major role in developing a first class orthopaedic practice in Milwaukee.


Sean was a friend and strong supporter of Cuba. In the difficult days when Reagan’s Contras were running wild and spreading death and destruction, especially in Nicaragua and El Salvador where the democratic struggle for freedom and justice was under constant threat, Sean Keane never hesitated in standing with the oppressed against tyranny.


To comrades of the Workers Party he was a true friend.  Most especially to our late comrade SeŠn ” Cionnaith, who spent many years in the US organising the Republican Clubs and who received great support from his friend Sean Keane.


In the mid 1970s, when our comrade Malachy McGurran was diagnosed with Melanoma, Sean Keane went to great lengths to assist Malachy in attempting to defeat his cancer.  It was indeed thanks to Sean that Malachy’s life was prolonged, and at times it seemed that thanks to Sean’s great care that Malachy would conquer the disease. Alas, as well know, it was not to be.


Many members and supporters of the Workers Party (and many ex-members and former supporters who took advantage of him) owe an immense debt to Dr. Sean Keane who demonstrated over many decades what a great humanitarian and socialist he was.  His loss will be felt in many parts of the world: in the US, in Central and Latin America, and most certainly in Ireland where he helped to make life better for many people.
Sean Garland
on behalf of the Ard Comhairle of the Workers' Party of Ireland

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