US Military use of Shannon airport - parties should declare where they stand

Ted Tynan (WP)
Ted Tynan

Cork North Central Workers’ Party candidate Ted Tynan has said that the continuing use of Shannon Airport for the transportation of US troops on their way to Iraq is a matter that all political parties need to address directly.


Mr. Tynan said that hundreds of thousands of Irish people had taken to the streets in opposition to the invasion of Iraq and he said the ongoing use of Shannon by US troops is an outrage to the majority of Irish people.  He said parties needed to be absolutely clear that they will not be part of any government which continues to facilitate the transportation of troops and equipment to Iraq.


“A recent opinion poll commissioned by the Peace & Neutrality Alliance showed that 58% of the Irish people were opposed to the use of Shannon Airport by US troops and just 19% were in favour of their presence.  This, along with the fact that the government totally ignored public at the start of the war on Iraq, shows that this is still a major issue with the electorate”, said Ted Tynan.


“The Workers’ Party is utterly opposed to the use of Shannon Airport, and indeed other airports including Cork, for foreign military purposes.  Other parties need to be clear and especially those who are considering participation in coalition governments.  They should come out now and state unambiguously where they stand on the matter and that they will not support a government that allows the Shannon military stopover to continue”, said Mr. Tynan.

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