WP respond to Saville Report

Statement from John Lowry, General Secretary of the Workers Party

NICRA banner, Derry, January 1972
Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association banner in Derry

Commenting on the publication of the Saville Report into the killing of 14 people in Derry on Bloody Sunday in 1972, Workers Party General Secretary John Lowry said:

“What is  important  today is that the families of those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday get the outcome they deserved which is the finding that those murdered on that day were entirely innocent people and there was no justification whatsoever for their deaths”.

Mr. Lowry said, “Responsibility for what happened on that day clearly lies with the British government.  The decision to deploy the Parachute Regiment on the day clearly ranks of one most catastrophic decisions taken by the British government during the course of what is known as  ‘the troubles’ and clearly contributed to what occurred  and towards the prolongation of the many years of violence that followed”.

“The demands of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association were entirely legitimate and let’s not forget that the march was in protest against internment without trial which was another catastrophic decision of the British government, which in itself contributed significantly to the suffering which the people of Northern Ireland then had to endure.”

“We repeat again that the Civil Rights Association offered the best hope and way forward for all of the people of Northern Ireland.  NICRA sought an end to militarisation and discrimination and demanded jobs and houses for those that needed them and a democratic political system.  It is a matter of great regret that the Civil Rights movement came under attack from the extremes on both sides and ultimately foundered in what became a sectarian conflagration.”

“Today however, belongs to the survivors and the families of those who were foully murdered on that day.  After 38 years their loved ones have been finally vindicated and have their names cleared. Perhaps at last they can now get some peace, something that the people of Northern Ireland have yearned for over so many years”, said the Workers Party General Secretary.

Issued 15th June 2010

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