Workers Party launch referendum web and social media sites

Party to use modern web and social media to promote its campaign for a NO vote on the Fiscal Treaty referendum

Workers Party referendum site

The Workers’ Party today launched their referendum website outlining the reasons the party is campaigning for a NO vote in the EU Fiscal Treaty campaign.  For the first time the party is also making extensive use of social media including Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking at the launch Workers’ Party President Michael Finnegan said that people could not rely on the information being given out by government’s media.   People were being bombarded, he said, by barefaced lies and threats and the treaty had deliberately been written in dense legalistic language.

“Since previous referendums there has been a huge increase in the use of the web and social media in particular.  People expect to have instant access to news and views and this referendum campaign is not just being fought out on the national airwaves and press but through a dizzying array of online forums, blogs and website.  Today the Workers’ Party has firmly established itself as part of that debate and our web and social media hubs will inform that discourse”, said Mr. Finnegan

The Workers’ Party referendum web and social media forums can be found at:-




Twitter: @workerseurope


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