A wide range of pamphlets and other documents are available for sale from the Workers' Party Head Office and Northern Irealnd Regional Office, including the following.  Please give details of publications required and send payment to The Workers' Party Head Office, 48 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1, Ireland or to 6 Springfield Road, Belfast BT12 7AG.

Long Kesh booklet
Letters from Long Kesh

Just Published !
Des O'Hagan's Letters from Long Kesh by Citizen Press
£8.00 Sterling / €10.00
from above address or Telephone Head Office on (01) 873 3915 or Belfast on (028) 9032 8663,
More details here

The 1970 Sinn Féin Ard Fheis - An Analysis (c) 2010 - Citizen Press  €3.00

Title                                                               Author                            Price
Bodenstown 2009         Oration by Mary Diskin, Education Spokeswoman  €3.00
Bodenstown 2008         Oration by Michael Finnegan, WP President          €3.00
Bodenstown 2007         Oration by Justin O'Hagan, Ard Comhairle              €3.00
Bodenstown 2006         Oration by Gerry Grainger, International Cttee        €2.50
Civil Rights, Reform or Revolution             Citizen Press                            €3.00
Lillie Connolly, Her Life & Times                       Carol Murphy                    €3.00
Nurse Elizabeth O'Farrell
-the Story of the 1916 Surrender             National Commemoration Ctte      €2.00
James Connolly -
A Full life lived for Full Freedom                     Sean Garland (lecture)         €2.00
Tony Gill, Street Poet of Dublin (Anthology)       Tom Crilly                          €3.00
For Whom the Hangman's Noose was Spun      Sean Cronin                       €6.00
(Wolfe Tone & The United Irishmen)
The Concept of Republicanism                         Des O'Hagan                     €2.50
Jemmy Hope - Man of the People                    Sean Cronin                       €3.00
Remember '98                                          Seminar Proceedings               €2.00
The Working Class & the
Struggle for the Republic                             George Gilmore                      €2.00
Bodenstown 1998
(Bicentenary Oration)                                    Sean Garland                       €1.50
Faith of Our Fathers
(A Study of Nationalism)                              Maurice Goldring                    €3.00
Cathal Goulding (1923-1998)
(Thinker, Socialist, Republican, Revolutionary)    WP CEC                          €2.00
Where We Stand - The Republican Position   
(Carrickmore Speech & Prologue)                  Tomás MacGiolla                  €2.50
Patterns of Betrayal,
The Flight from Socialism (1992)                  Workers Party CEC                €2.50
Why Socialism?                                          Albert Einstein                      €1.50
Aspects of the History & Ideology
of the Workers' Party                                   Workers Party CEC               €1.50
The Future is Socialism                                Workers Party CEC              €1.50
Internationalism in the 21st Century              Workers Party CEC               €1.50
Building Socialism in the 21st Century           Workers Party CEC               €1.50
Drug Crime- A dagger at the Heart
of the Working Class    (1999)                       Workers Party CEC               €1.50
Stop the Privatisation of Public Assets           Workers Party CEC              €1.50
Liam McMillen - Separatist, Socialist, Republican        Repsol                    €2.00
Barbarity Breeds Barbarity
(The World post the Iraq Invasion)                 Workers Party CEC              €2.00
Workers Party pens and T-shirts also available

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