WP welcome publication of PANA booklet on Iran

Peace & Neutrality Alliance publish important booklet on Iran

The new PANA booklet

the Workers' Party have welcomed a new publication by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) which highlights the dangerous escalation in belligerent moves by the United States and its allies toward Iran, their demands for international sanctions against that country and increasing threats of war and invasion of Iran.
The booklet, authored by PANA's Dr. David Morisson and entitled "Some facts about Iran's nuclear activities" exposes the false case being made against Iran by the US, Israel and the EU establishment in relation to alleged Iranian development of nuclear weapons.
Welcoming the publication of the pamphlet, Workers' Party Research Officer Padraig Mannion said it was an important documentation of the facts and the false case being built against Iran as a pretext to either war or crippling sanctions which would hurt the people of Iran.  He said that the US was being completely hypocritical and that the real focus of world attention should not be on Iran but on the neighbouring state of Israel which illegally developed nuclear weapons over 30 years ago with the assistance of the US, Britain and France.  
The PANA booklet on Iran can be downloaded at WP welcome publication of PANA booklet on Iran

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