Workers' Party support student nurses

Student nurses being used as testing ground for an all out attack on workers' pay and conditions

Malachy Steenson
Malachy Steenson (Dublin Central)

Dublin Central Workers’ Party candidate Malachy Steenson has strongly supported student nurses who are today holding nationwide protests at plans to cut their already meagre pay even further.

Mr. Steenson said that all workers should support the nurses who were, he said, being used as a testing ground for even greater attacks on worker’s pay and conditions.

“The decision to cut student nurses pay and plans for them to eventually work for nothing amount to an attempt to introduce legalised slavery in this country.  It must be opposed tooth and nail by workers, the trade union movement and anyone who believes in fair play”, said Malachy Steenson.

“If the health service employers and HSE get away with this then it will lead to a free for all and a return to the bad old days where workers will have no rights and can be hired and fired at will.   It is an attack on all workers and we must stand together to fight it”, the Workers Party candidate declared.

Isssued 9th February 2011

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