Malachy McGurran remembered

                          Malachy McGurran 1938-1978

Remembering our comrade and friend Malachy McGurran.  Vice President SF Workers Party: Councillor Craigavon Borough Council: Member of the  Executive Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, who died on 27th July 1978.

His death robbed our party and class of one of our finest and most dedicated comrades who made a huge contribution to building a Workers' Party.

A true follower of Tone and Connolly.

His political principles and aims were clear and steadfast.

The Unity of our people, Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter.

The Defeat of Sectarianism.

The Overthrow of Capitalism.

The Victory of Socialism.

To establish a United Democratic Secular Socialist Irish Republic.

In this latest crisis of capitalism  Malachy would have echoed Karl Marx's view "Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class".

On this Malachy's anniversary let us, his comrades and socialists all over the world, redouble our efforts to build a united and strong Left force to end once and for all the obscenity that is Capitalism.

Ard Comhairle The Workers' Party of Ireland.

27th July 2011.

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics