Workers Party launch Manifesto

The Left should carve out for itself a permanent place in Irish political life

Speaking today at the launch of the Workers Party election manifesto today (Sunday), Party President Michael Finnegan called for a fundamental change in the way this country is governed and for the left to carve out for itself a permanent place in Irish political life.

"For the first time since the foundation of the state this election may see the destruction of the old civil war political alignments”, said Mr. Finnegan.

“There clearly is no difference in the political and economic policies of Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael. The right wing parties have bankrupted this country and sold out our economic independence to the EU and IMF, something they denied would happen in the course of the Lisbon Referendum”.

“What we need is not just a change of government but of policies and political direction.
Only the Socialist Alternative offers a way forward that does not involve a programme of cuts that forces the working class to pay for the bail out of the banks”.


The Workers Party 10 point programme provides for:


(a) A central role for the state in developing and shaping our economy in the public good and not the interests of a wealthy few.
(b) Public ownership and control of the banks and other financial institutions.
(c)  A fair and equitable taxation system.
(d)  Public ownership of our vast natural resources particularly our oil and gas reserves.
(e)  A complete review of the political system which has allowed corruption, croynism and greed to flourish.

“The Workers Party will not participate in or support any Government led by FG or FF”.

“We want to see the election to the next Dáil of a majority of Deputies committed to socialist policies in principle and practice. That is the only hope the working class have of a better future”.


That is the choice The Workers Party is offering voters in this election.
This election is an opportunity to change the face of Irish politics.
The futility of civil war politics has never been more obvious than in the present economic circumstances.
That there are no real differences between FF and FG is now also clear.
Both are committed to the pursuit of a right wing economic and political agenda.
This election is an opportunity for the left to grow as a real force in Irish politics.


issued 13th February 2011

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