Lisbon renegotiable after all

The Treaty that was "set in stone" is suddenly as malleable as putty

WP Lisbon Poster 2009
WP were proved right

The Workers Party have said that the decision of the European Union heads of states to make changes to the text of the Lisbon Treaty is proof that the Irish people were lied to after their rejection of the treaty in the first Irish referendum in 2008.

Padraig Mannion, who was the Workers Party spokesman on the Lisbon Treaty, said that both the Irish government and the European Commission were adamant that no changes could be made to the Lisbon Treaty after the first Irish referendum.   Instead a number of purely cosmetic alterations were made to the preamble to the treaty in an effort to force the Irish people to change their minds but the original Lisbon text remained untouched.

“A massive campaign of coercion, subterfuge and what are now known to be downright lies was launched by the EU and the Irish political establishment.  We were told that Lisbon would make the European Union more efficient, that it would create millions of new jobs and would stimulate the economies of all European Union member states.  Complicit in this campaign were not only the Irish government but Fine Gael, the Labour Party, IBEC  and others”, said Mr. Mannion.

“We were told that the Lisbon Treaty was set in stone;  That we would be delaying progress and job creation if we said No a second time.  We were told that we could precipitate the virtual break up of the EU into a two-tier union with Ireland being left behind.  Now we see the reality of that two tier Europe. When Germany and France blatantly breached the stability and cohesion pact rules no action was taken.  However, now that the financial crisis in other Euro-zone countries is beginning to hurt the likes of Germany and France they are prepared to change the rules to suit themselves and to give themselves even greater powers than the ones we warned about”.

“The Workers’ Party and others on the left who opposed the Lisbon Treaty have been proved correct. The Lisbon Treaty was a bureaucratic rulebook to put more powers in the hand of the European capitalist elite.  It was signed into law a mere 12 months ago and already they are looking for more power.   They already have a virtual dictatorship where they can fire millions of workers, pour vast amounts of public money into rescuing corrupt banks and institute vicious cuts in welfare and public services. Our Minister for Finance must get permission from Brussels before he can introduce this year’s budget. This autocracy must be stopped and the only ones that can be trusted to do this are the people of Europe itself”.

“The people of Europe were deliberately and cynically denied a voice when the Lisbon Treaty was adopted by parliaments rather than the people. This happened because the establishment knew that the people would have overwhelmingly rejected the treaty given the opportunity. We now call on all democrats, and all Left parties in particular, to rally together on an EU wide basis to prevent any further erosion of democracy and sovereignty”.

Issued 29th October 2010

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