Bertie slammed on housing
Taoiseach says "let the market" decide - Tynan says that makes young couples prey to speculators

Cork North Central Workers’ Party candidate Ted Tynan has hit out at remarks made by the Taoiseach yesterday (Monday) in which the Mr. Ahern said that house prices should be based on supply and demand in the marketplace.


Mr. Tynan said that the Taoiseach’s remarks had exposed the stark reality of Fianna Fáil’s housing policy and that the outgoing government was happy to continue with a situation whereby young families trying to buy a first home were exploited and ripped off by wealthy property speculators.


The Workers’ Party candidate said that the Taoiseach’s comment that he would legislate for the implementation of the Kenny Report on the price of housing land was a joke.  The report was issued in 1973 – thirty four years ago.


“The Workers’ Party has always supported the implementation of the Kenny Report to control the price of building land and empower local authorities to buy land at a fixed price in order to meet the housing needs of future generations.  Far from supporting the Kenny Report, which the Taoiseach and successive governments have sat on for over thirty years, Fianna Fáil intend to do nothing to control the price of building land and allow the speculators to set the price for themselves as they have for many years”, said Mr. Tynan.


“Fianna Fáil has absolutely no commitment to addressing the housing crisis which has 50,000 families on waiting lists and hundreds of thousands more with the millstone of crippling mortgages around their necks for the rest of their working lives.  These people would be well advised not to vote for Fianna Fáil because a vote for Bertie Ahern and his party is a vote to prolong their own misery”, the Workers’ Party candidate declared.

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