Left Co-operation

Workers' Party repeat call for Left Co-operation

Ted Tynan and John Lowry with part of canvass team
WP canvassing team in Cork

The Workers' Party have repeated their call for genuine Left co-operation during and after the general election and the party has called for its supporters in areas that the party is not contesting to support other genuine left and progressive parties.
Workers' Party General Secretary John Lowry was speaking in Cork where he joined the canvass in Ballyvolane and Mayfield this afternoon (Saturday).  He said that the two main parties which were vying to lead the next government, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, did not have the interests of working class people on their agenda and were the parties of big business.
"The vacuous debate between Enda Kenny and Bertie Ahern last Thursday night showed their complete lack of sincerity or commitment to the issues that affect ordinary working people.  Both parties have failed workers on every occasion they have been in power and only a genuine Left alternative will stand firmly behind the workers of this country and their families.  We must build that Left alternative into a credible force which can challenge the right-wing consensus".
Tomorrow John Lowry will be travelling to Waterford to support the campaign of Workers' Party councillor John Halligan who is putting in a strong challenge in that constituency.

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