Referendum Yes vote still vital

Supreme Court ruling does not invalidate amendment but state must heed judgement

The Workers’ Party has reiterated its call for a Yes vote in next Saturday’s Children’s Referendum but the party has said that government has seriously put the proposed amendment in jeopardy following today’s Supreme Court ruling.

Workers’ Party President Michael Finnegan said that the Supreme Court ruling in no way invalidates the case to amend the Constitution to guarantee children’s rights but the government’s cack-handed handing of the referendum campaign provided reactionary forces the opportunity to undermine the amendment, something they had failed to do in the course of debate.

“The Workers’ Party wholeheartedly calls for a Yes vote on the Children’s Referendum.  As we have stated previously this amendment will enshrine the three basic principles of Non discrimination; Best interests of the Child; and Right of the child to be heard."

However Mr. Finnegan said that while the Supreme Court ruling did not invalidate the amendment, it did expose once again the arrogant approach of successive governments to the referendum process and, more importantly it copperfastens the McKenna judgement.  “I have no doubt that had a similar challenge been taken during last year’s referendum on the EU Fiscal Treaty the Supreme Court would have found that there was bias and illegal spending on the part of the government.  Today’s ruling has been a clear shot across the bows of this and future governments that they must in future engage in fair debate instead of trying to achieve a particular result through taxpayer funded propaganda”.

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