Another 1 billion paid to AIB bondholders today

€8,000,000,000 already paid out to bondholders in 2012 alone

The Workers’ Party have condemned today’s further payout of €1 billion to unsecured AIB bondholders and the party has called for a halt to any further such payouts.
Meath Workers’ Party representative Seamus McDonagh said that "today's €1billion payout to unsecured bondholders of AIB is the same amount of money that Fine Gael and Labour intend to raise through property taxes on the private family homes next year. This latest payment comes on top of €7billion already paid this year in unsecured debt.
“Our society and economy are being plundered to pay these debts of the speculators and bankers. We must repudiate this debt, and we must refuse to pay the Household Charge, and any future property taxes introduced in the December budget, which are sucking the life from the ordinary people of this state for the benefit of international banks and their local collaborators."
“Each of these huge payouts to bondholders is another burden on Irish workers and their families and is used to justify further cuts in welfare and vital services. These debts, for which the Irish people have neither actual nor moral responsibility, are a millstone around the neck of our people and further bury any hope of economic recovery. It is time to ditch the debt now”, said Mr. McDonagh.

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