Launch of Letters from Long Kesh

Letters from Long Kesh
Letters from Long Kesh

Des O'Hagan
Des O'Hagan at the Dublin launch of Letters from Long Kesh

A series of letters written by Des O'Hagan between 1971 and 1972 while he was a internee at Long Kesh internment camp in Northern Ireland and which were published in the Irish Times at the time have been republished in book form by Citizen Press. 

Des O'Hagan is a long time leading member of the Workers' Party who served for many years as the party's Education Officer.

Irish News columnist Paddy Murphy, reviewing the publication in Look Left, said the letters were essential reading for those seeking to understand what happened in the late 1960s and early 1970s but what might have happened.  "Des O;Hagan's letters make a valuable contribution to modern Irish political history and they offer a rare, contemporary, social - and highly sociable - insight into a pivotal period in that history.  As many now attempt to write and re-write the past, his insight carries more accuracy, weight and relevance than most of today's hindsight.  It is a good read and a book of great relevance"

"Letters from Long Kesh" is published by Citizen Press and is available for €10 in the Republic of Ireland / 8 in Northern Ireland and Britain.  To order a copy contact the Workers' Party in Dublin (01) 8733915 or Belfast (028) 90328663

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