Remembering Comrade Malachy McGurran

Malachy McGurran 1938-1978

Remembering our comrade and friend Malachy McGurran.  Vice President SF Workers Party: Councillor Craigavon Borough Council: Member Executive Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association who died 27th July 1978.

His death robbed our party and class of one of our finest and most dedicated comrades who made a huge contribution to building a Workers Party.

A true follower of Connolly.

His political principles and aims were steadfast.

The unity of our People Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter.

The Defeat of Sectarianism.

The Overthrow of Capitalism             The Victory of Socialism

To establish a United Democratic Secular Socialist Irish Republic

In this latest crisis of Capitalism Malachy would have echoed Karl Marx's view " Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich  to manage the affairs of capitalist class ".

He took as one of his guiding principles the statement in Marx's Communist Manifesto " The Free Development of each is the condition for the free development of all ".

Through his life as a revolutionary put into practice Lenin's advice " it is not enough to be a revolutionary and an adherent of socialism or a communist in general.  You must be able at each particular moment to find the particular link in the chain which you must firmly grasp with all your might in order to hold the whole chain and to prepare firmly for the transition to the next link; the order of the links , their form, the manner in which they are linked together, the way they differ from each other in the historical chain of events, are not as simple and not as meaningless as those in an ordinary chain made by a smith ". ( Lenin Volume 27. Page 24. )

Again Malachy would have recalled James Connolly's warning " if you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organisation of the socialist republic your efforts will have been in vain.  England will still rule you...through her your ruin even while your lips offered hypocritical homage to the shrine of that freedom whose caused you betrayed ".

In his short but worthwhile life Malachy McGurran experienced deceit and betrayal but also loyalty and respect from Comrades, Friends and many, many thousands of people of all political persuasions.  In these difficult times for Socialist Republicans we require to remember Malachy's confidence and optimism, that despite short term betrayals and petty cliques, a principled class conscious Workers party will eventually succeed in achieving Malachy's and our objective of a United Secular Socialist Irish Republic.

On this Malachy's anniversary let us, his comrades and socialists all over the world, redouble our efforts to build a united and powerful Left Force to end once and for all the obscenity that is capitalism.

Ard Comairle The Workers Party of Ireland.

27th July 2012.

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics