Workers Party solidarity message to CP of Greece (KKE) -

The following letter of solidarity to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) was sent on behalf of the Workers' Party on the eve of the Greek elections on June 16th:

Dear Comrades,

The Workers' Party of Ireland sends fraternal best wishes to the KKE in advance of tomorrow’s elections in Greece. These elections are a further opportunity for the working class and popular strata of Greece to decisively reject the attacks upon them by the Troika and the Greek ruling class.

Since the last election there has been a clamour on the part of some to applaud Syriza while ignoring the fact that it offers no real alternative. Syriza proposes only a re-heated social democratic programme, and one premised on and within the structures of the EU, while simultaneously rejecting the need for a revolutionary transition from capitalism to socialism and seeking to assure the ruling class that it poses no threat to their interests.

The KKE has correctly refused to alter its principles or its analysis. It is clear that in these elections only the KKE, rejecting the EU and NATO is struggling for the development of the class struggle and to defend the interests of the workers.

The Workers' Party of Ireland continues to applaud the struggle of the KKE. We extend our solidarity to the Greek working class, to the popular strata, and to the KKE for the elections tomorrow, 17th June. The struggle of the KKE is also our struggle. We wish our comrades in the KKE every success in tomorrow’s elections and in its struggle for to establish workers’-people’s power, for the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of the new socialist-communist society.

The WPI has already expressed its desire to add its name to the joint statement of communist and workers parties in solidarity with the KKE and wishes to add its name to the list of signatories.

Victory to the KKE!


Gerry Grainger

International Secretary

Central Executive Committee

Workers' Party of Ireland


* The Joint Statement referred to above can be found on the KKE website at

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