ICTU must show leadership and urge a NO vote on Treaty

"ICTU must give leadership on this issue and put the interests and wellbeing of trade unionists ahead of those of the Labour Party by unequivocally calling for a NO vote"

ICTU March 27 November 2010

November 2011 - ICTU march against austerity brought 120,000 people on to the streets of Dublin in freezing temperatures.  The Fiscal Treaty guarantees more austerity and less control over national budgets.  Now is opportunity for workers to strike a blow against austerity by voting NO to the Fiscal Treaty


The President of The Workers Party has welcomed the announcement yesterday (Monday) by the Technical, Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU) that it is to recommend a NO vote to its members ahead of the referendum on the Fiscal Treaty on May 31st.


Michael Finnegan said that he agreed with the TEEU that austerity is not working. "Day by day it is more apparent that the economic measures adopted by the Fine Gael / Labour Party coalition are making the most vulnerable in society pay the price for the bailing-out of the banks and the well-off".


"Coming after the decision by MANDATE and UNITE unions to reject the Treaty it is now incumbent upon the Irish Congress of Trades Unions to reflect the widespread anger of trade unionists around the country who oppose the policies imposed by the EU, IMF and ECB Troika which are the cause of the misery and hardship which many thousands of working class families around the country are experiencing every day. The referendum on May 31st is the opportunity for the citizens of this state to say Enough is Enough". 


"It is the job of the ICTU" concluded Mr Finnegan "to give leadership on this issue and put the interests and well being of its members ahead of those of the Labour Party by unequivocally calling for a No vote."


Issued 24 April 2012


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