Sean Garland extradition battle ends in victory

Victory after six years of legal battles!

Sean Garland
Sean Garland

After more than six years of legal battles the extradition case against Sean Garland has concluded in victory.

The State Prosecution Service has announced that it will not seek leave to appeal against Justice John  Edward’s  ruling of 21 December 2011 not to grant the United States  demand for his extradition.

Extraordinary burden

The Rev Chris Hudson MBE, Chair of the ‘Stop the Extradition Campaign’ said ” I am delighted that this  the phase of the ordeal has now concuded.This has been an extraordinary burden and pressure on Sean, Mary their family, friends and supporters”.

” I would like to thank everyone who has supported the anti-extradition campaign for their perseverance, committment and belief. I do not believe we would have achieved this outcome without that level of support”.

“However, this does not mark the end of this campaign,” warned Rev Hudson. “We must now re-double our efforts to have this extradition warrant withdrawn completely by the United States to allow Sean Garland and his family the right to travel at will outside of Ireland without fear of arrest and detention”, he said.


Although Justice Edwards agreed that Sean’s legal team should be awarded costs , the cost of the anti-extradition campaign has to be borne by friends and supporters.

Your financial contributions are still urgently needed.

You can contribute by sending a cheque to the  ‘Defend Sean Garland Campaign’, 48 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1

You can also make a donation to the fund through the following bank account:

‘Defend Sean Garland Fund’,
Permanent TSB, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Account No:         145 352 10

Bank Sort Code :  99-06-58

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has supported, contributed or in any way helped the campaign over the last six years. This day is your victory too!

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