NI water jobs to go
NI Water use Assembly restoration day to bury bad news

The Workers Party has said that the announcement tonight (Tuesday) that up to 500 jobs are to be lost in the Northern Ireland water industry sounds like a stealthy announcement of bad news on a day that good news was to the fore with the restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly.


Workers Party Vice President and Waterford election candidate Councillor John Halligan said that the announcement had implications for the water services throughout the island of Ireland and described the timing of the announcement as a cynical attempt to sneak through bad news.


“During the recent Assembly elections in Northern Ireland the main parties, especially the two parties that hold the leading positions in the assembly, Sinn Féin and the DUP were trying to pass themselves off as parties that were opposed to water charges, yet the ink was hardly dry on the election when both parties showed their positions were likely to change.  We now have an announcement of massive job losses without any apparent reference to the assembly that was formed today and it will be interesting to watch developments”.


“The Workers Party does not trust Sinn Féin or the DUP on the issue of water charges in Northern Ireland and we do not trust Sinn Féin in relation to this issue in the Republic. 

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