Austerity Treaty will be defeated

Government had to dragged kicking and screaming to hold referendum says Finnegan

Workers Party welcomes referendum announcement
Workers party president Michael Finnegan has welcomed this afternoon's announcement by the Taoiseach that there will, after all, be a referendum of the Fiscal Stability Pact.
"The government" said Mr Finnegan "have been dragged kicking and screaming to this announcement. It is clear that at the highest levels of government in Ireland and the EU there was serious collusion to draft a treaty that could be foisted on the people without a referendum. It is a good day for democracy that those underhand tactics have been rejected by the Attorney General".
Mr Finnegan continued: "This treaty represents the most seismic shift in our relations within the EU since the Single European Act of 1987. It introduces a serious of draconion economic rules, with equally draconian punishments for any breach of those rules. It will tie the hands not only of this government but of all future governments into the foreseeable future as regards economic policy. And it buries once and for all the hope of a Social Europe".
"We reject" said Mr Finnegan "the populist posturing of Fianna Fail in demanding and welcoming a refeendum on this treaty. Twice in the last decade they have rejected the decision of the Irish people on both the Nice and Lisbon treaties. Their utterings of this issues have no credibility".
Padraig Mannion, Workers Party spokesperson on the EU added: "Once again the people of Ireland are the only people offered a chance to vote on this far-reaching treaty. As a party we will oppose this treaty and I am confident that the people will reject it decisively. The imposition in the treaty of permanent Thatcherism into the economy; the limitations on social investment; the subservient position of our Oireachtas in our own economic policy; and the prioritisation of the needs of the banking sector are all anathema to the irish people. The government themselves know that the people are opposed to this treaty and that is why the government were so determined to avoid a referendum".
"We look forward to the campaign ahead with confidence."
Issued 28th February 2012

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