Assembly Restoration welcomed
Workers' Party welcome restoration of Northern Ireland Assembly

Cllr. John Halligan

The Workers’ Party has welcomed the restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly today (9th May 2007).


Waterford Workers’ Party candidate Councillor John Halligan said that the restoration of the assembly was most important for the people of Northern Ireland and for the whole island of Ireland.


“The Workers’ Party warmly welcomes the restoration of the Assembly after many years of difficult negotiation, setbacks and stalling.  However we cannot let this day go past without reflecting on the fact that over three and a half thousand people were needlessly killed in a sectarian conflict that should never have happened”, said Councillor Halligan.


“It is somewhat ironic that the two parties which are centre-stage today, Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party, have been the key organisations and individuals who bear the greatest responsibility for the turmoil and bitterness of the last thirty years, the legacy of which remains a very potent force in Northern Ireland society”


Councillor Halligan said that self government for Northern Ireland also brought a great responsibility on the new executive and its ministers to deliver for the people of the province and in particular to deliver in terms of public services such as health, education and the creation of employment. 

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