Greed and arrogance of CIF attacked
Michael Finnegan, president of the Workers Party, has condemned the Construction Industry Federation demand for a 20% cut to building workers’ wages as a gross display of greed and arrogance.

“The construction industry” stated Michael Finnegan “has been notorious for generations for malpractice by employers. Building companies have always placed profit first and both their customers and their employees were mere pawns in maximising profits.”


“Over 100,000 building workers are unemployed due to the greed and incompetence of land speculators and building companies. Many of these workers have had great difficulties receiving any social welfare payments as they have now discovered that while their employer deducted PAYE, PRSI and pension contributions from their wages every week but never passed on those deductions to the Revenue.”


“Tom Parlon and his ilk have no respect for workers. They are fundamentally opposed to Trade Unions, to the concept of collective bargaining and legally enforceable workers’ rights, and to the existence of Registered Employment Agreements. The CIF  stood idly by for years as the construction industry annually recorded the highest mortality and injury rate of any industry in Ireland. They refuse to expel or discipline member companies who have openly flouted the law with regards to pension contributions. They seem to believe they have a God-given right to maximum profit and access to the good life by impoverishing workers. If and when we see construction industry bosses lining up outside their local dole offices we may take the bleating of Mr Parlon more seriously.” 


"What this country needs is jobs. We need sustainable, well paid jobs that will take families out of the poverty trap and help to stimulate the domestic economy. The CIF wage cut proposal will not generate one extra job. Slave wages as proposed by the CIF are neither a recipe for high employment nor a vibrant domestic economy as is amply demonstrated by the Irish economic experience from the 1920s to the 1980s."


“The Workers Party” concluded Mr Finnegan “pledges our full support to the workers in the construction industry. Workers are entitled to their dignity and to a fair wage for their work”.

Issued: Friday 10th Feb 2012

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics