Issues come first
Short says issues being forgotten in fog of Bertiegate

Peter Short
Peter Short (Louth)

Louth Workers’ Party candidate Peter Short has said that the important issues in the general election which are of most concern to ordinary people are being lost in the fog of the Bertiegate debacle.


The Workers’ Party representative said that while the principles of honesty, accountability and trust in government are very important issues and clarity is required from the Taoiseach, most people are more concerned with matters such as health, housing and employment.


“Since the calling of this election the real issues have been set aside as the government and the Fine Gael / Labour coalition-in-waiting try to land knockout punches on one another.  The question of Mr. Ahern’s personal finances is important because his lack of clarity has made it an issue, but the debate has sunk to such a low level that ordinary voters are being turned off in their thousands”, said Mr. Short.


“As a Workers’ Party candidate in the Louth constituency, I believe it essential that the real issues are addressed and these are the issues being raised on the doorsteps in Dundalk, Drogheda and elsewhere in this constituency.  People are in dire straits trying to finance a family home, while others are suffering because of the shambles the health service is in and employment is once again becoming an issue for many people”, Peter Short stated.

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