Waterford hospital cuts "callous" says Cllr. Davy Walsh

Patients lives are more important than balance sheets

Davy Walsh (WP)
Councillor Davy Walsh

Waterford Workers’ Party Councillor Davy Walsh has said that the priority for the government and HSE in relation to the health service must be human lives, not balance sheets, and he strongly condemned a series of massive cuts in services which are planned Waterford Regional Hospital.

Cllr. Walsh said that the government had become obsessed with meeting the demands of the EU, IMF and ECB and was losing sight of its responsibility to the Irish people.   Sick and vulnerable people were being thrown to the wolves in order to balance the books.

“The cuts which are to hit Waterford Regional Hospital, on top of the slashing of the health service in the region which has already taken place, will inevitably mean the loss of lives, not to mention the real pain and distress it will call for patients and their families.  The EU/IMF deal has created an uncaring and callous financial dictatorship and the government and HSE have become mere implementers of the cuts regime”, said Cllr. Walsh.

“The decision to cut cancer treatment, the slashing of bed numbers, reductions in paediatric and intensive care beds and the closure of operating theatres represents further destruction of the public health service in the South East Region. We have already seen the sustained attack on St. Patrick’s Hospital and now Waterford Regional is being virtually decimated.  People’s lives and health and their peace of mind is being devastated as part of the wider bank bailout and nobody in leadership seems to care”.

“People are sick of the old mantra of ‘we must do as the EU says’, said Cllr. Walsh..  It is time for people to stand up and fight the destruction of our hospitals and the other services are under attack.   It is time to shout Stop”.

Issued Thursday, 26th January 2012

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