Government attack on unemployed shameful says Tynan

Job Creation must be the priority.  End the demonisation of unemployed demands Tynan

The Workers Party have said that any plan to bring in a time-limit for unemployed people to seek work or have benefits cut off,  as reported in today’s Daily Mail, would be totally unacceptable and should be vigorously opposed.

That was the message today from Cork Workers Party councillor Ted Tynan who said that instead the government should set a time limit for itself as to when it is going to create full employment for the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have become the collateral damage of the bailout.

Cllr. Tynan said it was clear that the suggested time-limit for the unemployed was part of the so-called workforce activation measures imposed by the Troika on the government.  “Once again”, said Cllr. Tynan, “we have working class people being attacked by the coalition who are dancing the Troika’s worn-out tune without  a whimper of protest from the Labour Party which claims to represent such people.  

“Twice in recent times we have had government ministers talking about the alleged lifestyle choices of unemployed people.  It is a measure of how out of touch the government is.  In the overwhelming majority of cases it is not the reluctance of people to take up jobs but the complete lack of suitable jobs that is at the root of this problem.   Where the real time limits are required are from government.  We have yet to see any real job creation from this strategy other than unpaid internships, more schemes and forcing people into low-paid jobs.  It is a bit rich for Joan Burton to talk about time limits for the unemployed when her own government continues to put job creation on the long finger”, said Cllr. Tynan. 

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