Jobs still an isue
Unemployment still a major issue in Cork North Central - Tynan

Cork North Central Workers' Party candidate Ted Tynan has said that unemployment is still a major issue across the constituency, although it has been forgotten and abandoned by all the main parties.


Mr. Tynan said that despite economic prosperity in the economy as a whole, there is still a desperate need for jobs on the Northside of Cork.


“While the government and the so-called alternative rainbow government in waiting are bogged down in image and jockeying for position, the very real issue of unemployment in Cork North Central is a forgotten cause, except for the Workers’ Party and the many people directly affected by it.  Despite all their focus groups, the main parties are out of touch with the needs of this constituency” said Ted Tynan.


The Workers’ Party candidate said that disadvantage and the lack of employment in many parts of the Northside have alienated many people from the political process.  “The Workers’ Party in this election will be going out to tell people that they have a voice and that they can bring about change.    People do not want a beauty contest where the focus is on Enda’s hair or Bertie’s battle bus, they want action and real representation from their public representatives and a sense that their voice is being heeded as well as being heard”, Mr. Tynan said. 


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