Election May 24th 2007
Workers' Party welcome announcement of Election date

Cllr. John Halligan

The Workers' Party has welcomed the calling of the general election for May 24th, saying it was an overdue opportunity for the Irish people to cast their verdict on the government of Bertie Ahern and Michael McDowell.
Waterford candidate for the Workers' Party, Councillor John Halligan said that the phoney election campaign had dragged on for too long and it was time to challenge a tired and uninspired government.
"The Workers' Party welcomes this opportunity to put forward our clear socialist policies before the people.  Despite the country's huge wealth, Bertie Ahern's government has ten years of broken promises on health, housing, education and many other issues behind it", said Cllr. Halligan.
"May 24th will be a day of reckoning for the Taoiseach and it will also be the day on which the people of Waterford can settle their account with this Fianna Fáil for their years of neglect and underfunding of basic facilities in this city.  In every constituency where we are standing candidates, the Workers' Party will be the real opposition in this election because the alternative coalition on offer from Fine Gael and Labour offers only more of the same", Councillor Halligan declared.

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