Public Service cuts counterproductive

The real QUANGOs are the EU commission, the IMF, ECB and Bord Snip Nua

The President of the Workers Party, Michael Finnegan has said that the proposed further 12% cut in public service numbers will inevitably lead to a diminution in the efficiency of services to the public and will further damage the economy.

Mr. Finnegan said that the government’s plan would be completely counterproductive and was more about right-wing ideology than efficiency.   He said that the culling of a further 23,500 jobs in state services was an act of gross stupidity.

“Just over 2 years ago there were 370,000 people employed in the public service.  By 2015 that will have been cut by almost 90,000.  This represents a massive brain-drain of highly-skilled and experienced people.  These 90,000 people’s vast experience is simply being discarded while some are being lost to the private sector, which is no doubt a matter of satisfaction to the authors of this plan”, said Mr. Finnegan.

“We have already seen how the health service is in chaos due to the loss of thousands of key workers. The likes of Dr. Colm McCarthy would like to portray public servants as mere pen-pushers who can be dispensed with but it leaves a huge vacuum which may never be filled.  It is also inevitable that the public will be left longer waiting for services which will be poorer.  It is a recipe for chaos and disaster”, said the Workers Party President.

Mr. Finnegan also strongly attacked the use of the term QUANGO in respect of state bodies.    “The ‘NGO’ in QUANGO stands for Non Governmental Organisation which clearly is not a description which fits these state bodies.  This is merely a term of abuse coined by the pro-privatisation lobby to attack the public service.  In truth the term QUANGO – best fits the likes of Bord Snip Nua , the European Commission, the IMF and other unelected bodies which are leading the charge to decimate the Irish public service”, said Mr. Finnegan.

Issued 18th November 2011

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