Jobs Massacre at Aviva

The President of the Workers Party, Michael Finnegan, has described the decision by Aviva to axe almost 1,000 posts in Ireland as a "jobs massacre".

Aviva - One of the biggest job losses in 2011
Aviva - Money for major sponsorship but not for jobs

"We are looking here" commented Michael Finnegan "at a 50% slask in employment at a company that is and has been very profitable. The workers throughout the company, no matter what their experience, work record or loyalty are being thrown on the scrapheap to protect the interests of the shareholders and the corporate bosses".

"The government has promised on more that one occasion to create 100,000 jobs. What the Aviva debacle shows, as the Talk Talk debackle two weeks ago also showed, is that this government does not even have a strategy to maintain the jobs that already exist. We must seriously ask why Aviva can spend millions on vanity projects and product endorsement, and yet savagely cuts almost 1,000 jobs from its Irish workforce".

"The Workers Party utterly condemns the cavalier fashion in which workers are being treated at the present moment. They have been issued with a ball-park figure on job losses but absolutely no detail has been provided. Staff have no idea who is for the axe and who will be retained. They have no idea as to redundancy, retraining, or redeployment packages on offer. They have been given no reassurance that the workforce will be stabilised after 2012 or that wages and conditions will be maintained. This is placing huge strains on every staff member and indeed on their families and family relationships. This phychological torture must be ended immediately and staff must be given certainty as to their future".

"The Workers Party once again reiterates our demand that the government's jobs policy must be based on the solid foundations of state owned entreprise and our own natural resources. It is clearer now than ever before that we cannot depend on the multinational sector, and especially on the multinational financial services sector for sustainable. Their corporate greed and demand for ever increased profits on reduced investment led to the present global crisis, and their continuing greed is ruining the lives of thousands of families throughout this country at this time" concluded Mr Finnnegan.

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