Closure of Cork A&E Dept will cost lives says Tynan

Intolerable situation will be made worse says Councillor Ted Tynan

Workers Party Councillor Ted Tynan has said that the planned closure of the Emergency Department at the South Infirmary / Victoria Hospital will inevitably cost lives and make the already difficult situation at the CUH’s emergency department intolerable.

Cllr. Tynan described the HSE’s decision as a “callous act of bureaucracy with no regard for the human beings who will suffer and in some cases die” as a result.   The move also exposed the “mealy mouthed election promises of Fine Gael and Labour to be empty and false”

“The closure of the South / Vic emergency department and the transfer of orthopaedic services from St. Mary’s is another nail in the coffin of Cork’s public health system.  It is purely a book-keeping decision which puts the lives of accident and emergency patients at risk.   This is also another element of the so called austerity regime and the failure of government politicians to resist the demands of banks and speculators”, said Councillor Tynan.

Issued 13th October 2011

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