Make A&E decision part of wider review

"Belfast City Hospital A&E department should remain open pending the review of health and social care services", the Workers Party has said.

South Belfast spokesperson Paddy Lynn has criticised the current proposal, its timing and its lack of context.

"The proposal to close the A&E department at BCH has been taken with indecent haste", he said. "Despite a review of local health services announced by the Minister, this decision is being hurried through with little thought for the consequences or for the options", he said

"The proposal and the consultation process must now be put on hold until the wider debate takes place" Mr Lynn demanded

"Better integration of services will be a key discussion point during that debate. Integration of decision making is equally important in this process. The future of the City A&E department can only be decided as part of a complete review of health and social care services," concluded Mr Lynn.

Therefore, The Workers Party will be supporting tomorrow’s demonstration against the proposed closure of the A&E department which takes place at 12 noon outside the City Hospital.

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