Live Register, Dead Economy

17,000 more people on Live Register in June

The President of the Workers’ Party Michael Finnegan has said that the latest Live Register statistics point to a dead economy which will not recover unless the government abandons the failed policy of austerity.

Mr Finnegan was commenting after the release of the June Live Register figures which show a rise of 17,000 people signing on in the last month, or 2,900 when seasonally adjusted.

“Despite repeated claims that we have turned the corner, the number of people on the Live Register continues to rise and unemployment has become a national cancer which will not be cured by piecemeal or gimmick measures such as the so called Jobs Initiative and other schemes which mask the unemployment crisis rather than solving it. Even the emigration, which, sadly is at record levels, cannot disguise the downward spiral of the economy”, said Mr. Finnegan.

“Austerity has failed, it is time to abandon it and try to turn around the economy instead of drowning with recession and negativity. Ireland needs to abandon the basket-case banks and NAMA and put what resources this country has into real job creation and growth stimulating initiatives. Unfortunately Fine Gael is determined to privatise this country as a whole and the Labour Party seems to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome spinelessly obeying its senior party and the EU / IMF overlords.” the Workers Party President stated.

Issued 29th June 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics