Workers Party Salutes MV Saoirse
The Workers Party has expressed its good wishes to the crew of the Irish Ship to Gaza, the mv Saoirse, which has joined the second flotilla to break the illegal Israeli siege of the occupied Palestinian port of Gaza.

Dublin North West Workers Party representative John Dunne said that the flotilla of nearly 20 vessels, including the Saoirse, consisting of volunteers from dozens of countries, was a message from around the world to the state of Israel that its ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories and its aggression against the Palestinian people would not be tolerated.   It would also carry vital supplies such as medical aid and building materials.

Mr. Dunne called on the Irish government to take a strong line on the issue and to insure that the full support of the Department of Foreign Affairs would be afforded to  the vessel and its occupants in  the event of Israeli attempts to interfere with it

“We often hear world leaders such as Barack Obama talk about ‘the international community’. Well this is the real international community in action to peacefully resist and break the embargo against Gaza.  Once again ordinary people, at risk to their own lives, are prepared to run the gauntlet of Israel’s war machine. They merely wish to deliver humanitarian aid and support to the people of Palestine, especially the children of Gaza who are regarded as legitimate targets by Israel, just as Israel illegally attacked a peaceful vessel, the mv Mavi Marmara last year and murdered nine Turkish peace activists.”

“On behalf of the Workers Party I send our best wishes and warm solidarity to the mv Saoirse and its crew and to the other ships and peace activists heading for Gaza,” said John Dunne. 

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