Hotels rip off tourists - again
The Workers Party has accused some hotel and restaurant owners of running a "well financed and very vicious campaign against the wages and conditions of workers in that industry".
Dublin Central Workers' Party spokesman Malachy Steenson said "The Hotels Federation have been to the forefront in attacking the existence of Joint Labour Committees (JLCs) and Registered Employment Agreements and in particular the Sunday wage rates. Yet again at the first opportunity they have increased their prices when demand increased. It is a waste of time for the Government to say they want to build up the tourist industry and yet it allow hoteliers to rip off tourists at every opportunity"

" The Workers Party is aware that in some cases Hotels increased their room rates three fold this weekend for the Take That concert in Croke Park, a
 weekend when only one hotel room was available in the city and that was the
penthouse of the Gresham Hotel costing 2,000 per night". 

"Drink and meal prices were also increased. The attitude of hoteliers this week shows that the desire for the quick buck supersedes all else as far as the hotel industry is concerned."
"No doubt the Hoteliers will give a bonus payment to their workers instead
of slashing their wages! It is neither tenable nor tolerable that now these workers are continually being targeted by the industry owners to pay for their mistakes and greed and at the same time take every opportunity to rip off those who come to this city as tourists" concluded Mr Steenson.
Issued: Monday 20th June 2011
Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics