100 Days of FG/Lab - 1,000 Days of Austerity

975 Days of Austerity - 100 of them under Fine Gael and Labour

The President of the Workers’ Party, Michael Finnegan, has said that while today marks the 100 day anniversary of the Fine Gael / Labour Party coalition government, it also marks the 975th day of austerity for Irish workers and their families.

Mr. Finnegan said that 100 days on from the changing of the guard at Government Buildings, the policies remain the same and Day 975 of austerity, counted from the October 14th 2008 budget, is no different under this government than any day under its Fianna Fáil led predecessor.

“It is now almost 1,000 days since previous government introduced a tranche of cuts, unprecedented in their viciousness towards working class people.  Almost every day since then there have been new cuts of one type or another and the economy teeters from bad to worse. Unemployment continues to verge on the half-million mark.  Tens of thousands continue to leave this country in search of work and immense suffering is imposed on those left behind, all except a tiny minority of wealthy people. The protection of that minority is the only thing that matters to this government, and the presence of a so-called Labour Party at the cabinet table has done nothing to change that. They have become, to quote the well-known phrase, the labour lieutenants of capitalism”, said Mr. Finnegan.

Mr. Finnegan said that Irish workers and the trade union movement here should take heart from the widespread opposition to austerity in Greece and other countries.  “On television we are shown only the small minority who resort to violence, but many hundreds of thousands of people, millions in fact,   are now taking to the streets all over Europe and elsewhere in the world in protest against the imposed austerity of the international banking class  and their defenders in government.  This is a class war being waged against the workers and the poor and the choice is between surrender and fight-back.”, said the Workers Party President.

Issued 16th June 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics