Water/ Household Charge is an IMF/EU Tax

The Workers’ Party have said that the proposed introduction of water metering and an interim household charge is another stealth tax on ordinary working people brought in at the behest of the IMF / EU.

Party spokesman John Dunne said that the government was not only implementing the terms of the IMF / EU deal with pitiless compliance, but it was also being dictated to on a day to day basis.   Mr. Dunne said that the Labour Party was, sadly, meekly accepting orders with little more than stifled cries of distress for media consumption..

“This government, elected amidst public outrage at the appalling record of the last government and with a  plaintiff hope of an improvement, has declared class war on the working people of Ireland.  It is prepared to implement any measure against workers and their families that will please the IMF / EU dictators who now run our country. Householders are now facing a Universal Social Charge, compulsory Universal Health Insurannce, Universal Water Charges, and a  Universal Residential Property Tax. 

"Fine Gael revel at the fact that they now have carte blanche to implement their right wing policies. The Labour Party has allowed itself to be hog-tied and their pre-election policies have been consigned to the dustbin.  They are  floundering around in political denial  and their backbenchers must finally realise that they have been sold a pup”, said Mr. Dunne.

Issued: Wed June 1st 2011


Peace, Work, Democracy, and Class Politics