Low Wages Never Created Employment

"The myth that low wages will create thousands of jobs in the Irish economy, which is being peddled by Minister Bruton and his ilk, must be exposed for the nonsense that it really is" - Tom Crilly, chairperson, Dublin Regional Council, The Workers' Party.

"The low wage agenda is being relentlessly pushed by many elements in Fine Gael, IBEC, the Construction Industry Federation, the right-wing economic establishment and much of the mainstream media. Any knowledge of either Irish history or the modern world will immediately demonstrate the nonsense of that position".

"Low wages are not designed to increase employment. Low wages are designed to increase private profit. The demand for low wages is driven by greed, not some concern for the common good".

Ireland during the 1940s and 1950s had the lowest wages in Western Europe. We also had the highest unemployment, the highest emigration, and some of the worst poverty in all of Northern Europe.  Greece and Portugal have some of the lowest wages and worst working conditions in all of the EU-15 countries. It is patently obvious that their low wage economies has not led to full employment or economic stability".

"We live in a globalised world. Is there any evidence  worldwide that low wages and light touch regulation have led to massive job creation and economic stability? The reverse is actually the situation. The countries with the lowest wages, eg Haiti and Sri Lanka, are also the countries with the highest enemployment and worst social conditions."

"We will not allow Ireland to be part of the Race to the Bottom. Workers deserve fair pay and decent conditions. That is why we have called a picket on the Dail for Thursday evening". The Details are as follows:

Protest at Bruton's attack on low paid workers

Dáil Éireann (Kildare Street)

Thursday, 2nd June at 7.00pm

Organised by the Dublin Region of The Workers' Party

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics