The BNP is a vulgar hate group
Workers’ Party East Belfast representative Kevin McNally has condemned the entry of the far-right BNP into the forthcoming elections.
“Reading their badly written and unimaginative Manifesto has convinced me that the BNP is less a political party than a vulgar hate group,” Mr McNally said. “The constant derogatory references to immigrants in Northern Ireland, and religions other than Christianity are frankly nauseating and are aimed at stirring up resentment in a society in which sectarianism, racism and homophobia are already prevalent,” the Workers’ Party man continued.
“Added to the ugly racism, there are loopy ideas such as plans to make ‘the old crafts of weaving, musical-instrument manufacture, stone-wall construction, farriers, saddlers and others’ central to the local economy.  The Manifesto also denies the reality of man-made global warming and – as with other parties – the BNP calls for a reduction of corporation tax.”

“The BNP is a racist hate gang and deserves no support in this community. Last October the Workers’ Party praised Glentoran Football club when fans and club spokespeople hit out at the BNP for attempting to use a Glentoran versus Glenavon football game to attract attention to their ugly politics. The voters of Northern Ireland will equally reject them in these elections,” Mr McNally concluded.

Issued: 18th April 2011
Peace, Work, Democracy, and Class Politics