Lavery condemns scare attack on elderly

Workers' Party North Belfast representative, John Lavery, has condemned those who planted a hoax bomb which caused  elderly residents of a North Belfast sheltered housing development to be evacuated from their homes  on Monday evening.

According to the North Belfast News, pensioners living in Camberwell Court off the Limestone Road were forced to leave their flats at around 9.30pm on Monday night after a suspicious device was found close by.


"Mercifully, no-one was hurt but this hoax device caused a lot of distress among these elderly people" said Mr Lavery. "The people who did this are of the same mindset as those who murdered Ronan Kerr and the gangsters who abandoned a 500lb bomb at an underpass close to the main A1 Belfast to Dublin Road last Thursday night.Whoever is responsible for these acts is part of that tiny minority that would seek to drag the people back into fearfulness and back into the sectarian bunkers of yesterday's war. We must not allow that to happen. Not only must we condemn the bombers and the killers but we must also actively fight against sectarianism wherever it exists in our society including in Stormont. Although a small party, the Workers' Party is leading the anti-sectarian struggle in Northern Ireland."

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