Integrated Education the way forward for Northern Ireland
Workers’ Party East Belfast candidate, Kevin McNally, has welcomed a recent survey which indicates that 88 per cent of people in Northern Ireland favour integrated education.

The research surveyed 1,007 adults aged 16 and over in all counties and from all communities in Northern Ireland.

“This research has shown us that the Executive parties have failed to give the people of Northern Ireland what they overwhelmingly want. At the moment less than 7 per cent of our children are educated in the integrated sector”, said Mr McNally

“If our squabbling Parties of the Stormont Coalition are unable to reach agreement on this popular demand then they should hand the setting up of Integrated Education over to an independent Commission which should report on its findings and make recommendations within a year” Mr McNally continued. “If the Executive fails to reach agreement on this or caves in to powerful vested interests, the people should demand that a referendum on Integrated education should take place. Seventy four per cent of those asked in this survey agree that this is what should happen. This figure rises to 80 per cent among parents with children under 16”.

“We in the Workers’ Party have been fighting for integrated education in Northern Ireland for the past 40 years. In our Manifesto we note that because the sectarian parties ‘believe they will get the votes regardless of what they do or don’t do, these hugely popular wishes [for integrated education]  are quietly brushed aside’.  The Workers’ Party believes that it is time for the people to speak up on this vitally important issue. Don’t let them brush this one under the carpet”, Mr McNally concluded.

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Issued: 12th April 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics