Workers' Party representative condemns brutal murder

The Worker's Party North Belfast candidate, John Lavery, has condemned the recent sectarian murder of Police Constable Ronan Kerr in Omagh last week.

Speaking out against this tragic act of violence, Lavery stated: "violence has gotten us nowhere. This outrageous act must be condemned by the people of this country in order for us to move forward.

"The Worker's Party promotes a firm policy of anti-sectarianism, and the recent events in Omagh have served to highlight the need for the removal of sectarian politics throughout Nothern Ireland.

"The perpetrators of this murder want to return to the bad old days. In some perverse way they believe that a return to sectarian policing, a return to British troops on the streets, and an end to community policing will advance the possibility of a united Ireland. Just how deluded can they be?

"Once again, on behalf of the Workers' Party I wish to condemn this murder and offer our condolences to the family of Constable Kerr. Only the development of non-sectarian political and civic structures, and the adoption of active anti-sectarian policies by the incoming Executive can bring about a stable society and a worthwhile future for the people of Northern Ireland."


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