Attacks on Libya highlight barbarism of imperialism

Michael Finnegan, President of the Workers’ Party, stated: “The current massive military assault on Libya is illegal, immoral, and profoundly anti-democratic".

The Workers’ Party condemns in the strongest possible terms the ongoing attacks on Libya, currently under the command and control of NATO. These attacks have no legitimacy, no humanitarian objective, and are solely linked to the overarching desire of the major Western powers to totally control, either directly or by proxy, oil production in North Africa and the Middle East.


Michael Finnegan, President of the Workers’ Party, stated: “The current massive military assault is illegal, immoral, and profoundly anti-democratic.


The world cannot be fooled by the existence of UN Security Council Resolution 1973. This is a motion concocted by the three leading imperialist powers of the USA, the UK and France and endorsed by a mere 10 nations out of a total UN membership of almost 200 members. The passive support of Russia and China, both veto-holding states on the UNSC, along with the abstentions of India, Brazil and Germany in the UN SC visibly demonstrates the solidarity of international capitalism.


Once again there has been a clear demonstration of the lack of democracy at the heart of the UN, a clear demonstration of the need for the General Assembly to become the decision making body within the UN, and the need to immediately abolish permanent veto-holding membership of the Security Council.


This attack follows a clear pattern first perfected in the murderous and illegal bombardment of Yugoslavia, and particularly Belgrade, which started exactly 12 years ago. This pattern was copied in the later assaults and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Any country which stands in the path of US / EU hegemony is first demonised, then isolated, and finally attacked with overwhelming force on whatever pretext will sell best on the evening television news.


The Workers Party, and the Irish people in general, offer no support or succour to Gaddafi or to his regime. We are well aware of his suppression of all Left, progressive and democratic forces. We are also aware of his malign historical role in supporting terrorism in this country. We are equally aware that the countries bombarding Libya from air and sea also have no respect for democracy, for human rights, or the rights of workers. For decades the axis of the US, UK and France have installed, buttressed, and supported with all their resources the most corrupt and brutal regimes throughout the world. From Chile, Paraguay, Honduras to the apartheid regimes in Southern Africa and the dictatorships of Malaysia, Indonesia the Western Imperialist powers have always stood on the side of reaction and against the mass of the people.


The breathtaking hypocrisy of the Western action against Libya can be gauged by their reaction to other events in North Africa and the Middle East at the present time. The West offer no help to the popular uprisings in Tunisia or Egypt and in fact in Egypt tried to parachute their own man from long-term exile in London into a leadership position of the uprising. They have ensured the physical safety of the outgoing elites in Tunisia and Egypt and most pointedly did not impose an asset freeze on either of those most corrupt ruling families.


The situation in Yemen and Bahrain is even more blatant. There the West is actively standing on the side of the ruling elite against the mass of the people and providing weaponry, training, and logistical support to the police and army death squads of these regimes. Bahrain has, in effect, been occupied by the armed forces of Saudi Arabia one of the most autocratic, corrupt and undemocratic countries on earth. It is also one of the most loyal and trusted allies of the USA. Can we shortly expect Hilary Clinton to appear on our television screens telling us that Saudi Arabia is now exporting democracy to the region?


However the true extent of Western hypocrisy can only be measured by placing the actions of the Western military powers in relation to Libya in contrast to their actions in relation to Israel. Israel is a rogue nuclear state; Israel is in illegal occupation of Palestinian lands; Israel is in multiple breach of international law and UN resolutions. Yet, not only does the West not act against Israel, the exact opposite is the case. Israel receives the overwhelming military, diplomatic and financial support of the West, particularly the US. In return for this support Israel has been a loyal ally of the US and has acted as a proxy for the US in many regional conflicts.


The Workers Party therefore calls on all the progressive forces across the world to unite and oppose this Western aggression and to allow all the people of North Africa and the Middle East to achieve peace, freedom and democracy without any further outside interference".

Peace, Work, Democracy, and Class Politics