Mick Finnegan

Mick Finnegan (Dublin Mid-West)

Michael Finnegan

Mick Finnegan is the Workers' Party candidate in Dublin North West in the forthcoming General Election.
Based in Lucan, Michael is a retired SIPTU trade union official.  He has been an active trade unionist and local activist for many years.  Mick's wife Anne is also a well known community activist and has stood in a number of elections.  
Michael has been deeply involved wiht the developing communities of Dublin Mid West in their struggle for basic services and amenities.  Now self-employed, he provides safety training for workers.
Michael stands for the provision of affordable and social housing.  He has presented the Workers' Party demand for control of the price of building land to the Dáil Committee on the Constitution.  Along with his wife Anne he was instrumental in the building of co-operative houses at St. Finian's, Lucan.
Michael has fought the corruption which has undermined the planning process in the Lucan / Clondalkin areas.
Michael Finnegan recognises the devastating effects of the drugs epidemic which has scourged both families and communities. He continues to push for adequate treatment facilities and the provision of leisure facilities for young peole
As a trade unionist Michael has been actively involved in the campaign for greater safety on construction sites and played a major role in tackling unsafe practices on building sites.  He has also achieve higher pay, pension and sick-pay schemes for construction workers.

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