We need a change in political direction

Changing faces at cabinet will make no difference unless policies and political culture change too

Michael Finnegan
Mick Finnegan

Workers Party President Michael Finnegan has welcomed the dissolution of the Dáil as long overdue and said that the country requires a change in political direction not just a change in the faces around the cabinet table.


He said, “The right wing parties and the centrist economic consensus which they fostered have delivered only economic ruin and financial disaster for hundreds of thousands of working people around the country. The Finance Bill passed and facilitated by both Fine Gael and Labour in the dying days of this government has no democratic mandate and will continue the misery and hardship for working people in the coming year.”


“A Fine Gael led government will make no difference and will continue the policy of making working people pay the price for bailing out the banks. Only a left wing government committed to socialist policies can reverse the economic path led down by the IMF/EU”.


“This election presents anew the opportunity for socialists to present an alternative vision of society and the economy, one which puts the interests of the working class centre stage”.


Issued 1st February 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics