FF circus no substitute for accountability

Dogfight between Cowen, Martin & others "an irrelevant sideshow"

The President of the Workers’ Party, Michael Finnegan, has said that a Fianna Fáil leadership “circus” is not a substitute for government accountability and that a general election must be called immediately.

Mr. Finnegan has said that the Fianna Fáil leadership debacle was an irrelevant sideshow and a diversion from the real issues of cuts, unemployment, emigration and economic stagnation.

“The last thing this country needs”, said Mr. Finnegan, “is a dogfight between two or more senior Fianna Fáil figures who have been party to the economic destruction of our country.  Brian Cowen, Micheál Martin and the rest of the cabinet have collective responsibility for the decision to bail out the banks and for signing away our national sovereignty to the IMF and EU.  The Fianna Fáil backbenches are also populated by people who have supported the two most vicious budgets in the history of the state.  Dropping the pilot is an irrelevancy when the entire crew stands indicted”.

 “The people of Ireland must have their voices heard.  There is no mandate for the policies of austerity being imposed by the present failed government and no mandate can be assumed by replacing Brian Cowen with one of his lieutenants.  There must be an immediate calling of a general election.   Fianna Fáil cannot escape its day of reckoning with the Irish people forever”, said Mr. Finnegan.

Issued 16th January 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics