Budget Savagery Now Taking Effect - Tobin

Joe Tobin, Workers’ Party representative in Waterford, has stated that the true savagery of the December budget cuts is now being felt by citizens.

“Over one million of the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are suffering real and potential life-threatening cuts to their already meagre incomes. We must seriously ask why carers, those with a disability, the unemployed are being attacked to protect the bankers, the speculators, the international tax-dodgers who have prospered for far too long in this society?”


“The poorest in society have been robbed of their dignity by the savage cuts which people will begin to see coming into force this week. The new levels of payment are a disgrace, especially when we see the levels of executive pay and expenses that still exist in this country despite the collapse of the economy”.


“As the figures below show this government is asking thousands of people to live on €188 per week.

Jobseekers benefit and allowance cut by €8 to €188
Illness/health and safety/injury benefits cut by €8 to €188
Widows’/Widowers’ contributory pension cut by €8 to €193.50

Widows’/Widowers’ non contributory pension is cut by €8 to €188
Carer’s benefit cut by €8 to €205
Disablement pension cut by €8 to €219
Death benefit pension cut by €8 to €218.50
One parent family payment cut by €8 to €188
Supplementary welfare allowance cut by €10 to €186
Carer’s allowance cut by €8 to €204
Disability allowance/blind pension cut by €8 to €188
Maternity benefit/adoptive benefits cut by €8 to a minimum rate of €217.80, maximum rate is cut to €262.
Guardian’s payment cut by €8 to €161
Our politicians and bankers can claim more per day for lunch than an unemployed person has to live on per week”.

“There must be a complete overhaul of how this state operates. We must take control of our own resources to create sustainable wealth for the country and provide jobs, security and dignity for all our people”



Issued Tuesday 4th January 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics