Owen Martin

Owen Martin (Dublin North West)

Owen Martin

Owen Martin is the Workers' Party candidate in Dublin North West in the forthcoming general election. 
Owen has lived all his life in Finglas and is well known in the area as a
community and Workers’ Party activist.
Owen is a hospital worker and on a daily basis has first-hand experience of the
shortcomings in the health service. A member of SIPTU, Owen opposes Harney’s
present two-tier health service and demands a service free to all at the point
of delivery.

He has seen the death and devastation of the drugs epidemic in Dublin and
fights for a first-class rehabilitation programme.

Owen demands proper creche, school, transport, health and community facilities
be included in any regeneration plans for the Finglas / Ballymun and Dublin
North West Areas.

Owen is an active anti-war and anti-service charge campaigner.

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics